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Practice Areas

Open Source

Our Open-Source team is unparalleled in its experience with OSS licenses, offering deep insights into the legal risks associated with the use of free/open-source software. We guide our clients in understanding the scope and extent of their exposure, and help them take steps to minimize or eliminate this risk. This enables prudent and secure use of free/open-source software while safeguarding their intellectual property.

Our comprehensive OSS services include:

  • Advising on compliant use of popular open-source software, while keeping proprietary code confidential.

  • Offering counsel on integrating OSS that comes under reciprocity licenses, such as GPL and LGPL, with proprietary software.

  • Creating and implementing company policies for the usage, development, and distribution of OSS.

  • Performing due diligence checks related to the use of OSS.

  • Consulting with corporate OSS compliance boards on best practices.

  • Preparing legal opinions concerning OSS matters.

  • Providing training for software development teams on OSS guidelines.

  • Assisting in integrating automated scanning tools with your company's open-source governance policies.

  • Advising on contributing to existing open-source projects and on making proprietary projects open-source.

  • Representing clients in OSS-related litigation, both in the Tel Aviv District Court and the Northern District of California.

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