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Practice Areas

Open Source

Our Open-Source team is unrivaled in its experience of OSS licenses, bringing profound understanding of the legal risks involved with the use of free/open source software. We help our clients understand the scope and breadth of exposure and take mitigating steps to minimize or eliminate it, making prudent and safe use of free/open-source software while protecting their intellectual property.

Our comprehensive OSS services include:

  • Legal guidance on compliant use of popular OSS, while maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary software code.
  • Legal advice on the integration of OSS covered by reciprocity licenses – most notably, GPL & LGPL – with proprietary software code.
  • Drafting, establishing, and implementing corporate policies on the use, development, integration, and distribution of OSS.
  • Conducting due diligence reviews of OSS and its use.
  • Advising corporate OSS compliance boards on prudent use and integration of OSS.
  • Preparing legal opinions regarding OSS.
  • Training sessions to software development teams on the do’s and don’ts of using OSS.
  • Integration of corporate open-source governance policies with automatic tools for OSS scanning.
  • Advice to companies on code contributions to existing open-source projects and open-sourcing their own development projects.
  • Representing litigants in precedential OSS litigation at the Tel Aviv District Court and a federal lawsuit at the Northern District of California.

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