Practice Areas
Practice Areas

Open Source

The group's attorneys also provide a comprehensive package of legal services in the realm of Open Source Software (OSS), including:

  • Legal guidance on compliant use of popular OSS, while maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary software code.
  • Legal advice on the integration of GPL & LGPL software with proprietary software code.
  • Drafting, establishing, and implementing corporate policies on the use, development, integration, and distribution of OSS.
  • Conducting Due Diligence review of OSS and its use.
  • Advising corporate OSS compliance boards on prudent use and integration of open source software.
  • Legal opinions regarding open source software.
  • Training sessions to software development teams on the do’s and don’ts of utilizing OSS.
  • Integration of corporate open source governance policies with automatic tools for OSS scanning.
  • Litigation: members of our Israel offices have represented the defendants in the first Israeli court case to deal with the integration of GPL and proprietary software code. (Marianovsky v. IChessU, in the District Court of Tel-Aviv).

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