Privacy Policy ® (the "Site") is operated and owned and managed by Advocate Haim Ravia. The privacy policy of Site is simple:

We do not collect information about the Site's users that gives us the ability to identify users, unless a user voluntarily contacts us and provides his or her identifying information. For example, by registering to the Site, subscribing to the mailing lists or alerts on Site, or by contacting us using the Site's "contact use" form. In these cases, your personally identifying information will be stored on the Site's s and servers and at times on our own workstations as well. However, we will not disclose your information or information that identifies you personally, other than in the following cases:

  • If we are served with a court order to disclose such information;
  • In case of a dispute, complaint, demand or legal proceedings, between you and us;
  • If we believe that disclosing the information is necessary to prevent severe bodily injury or property damage to yourself or another person or party;
  • If we transfer Site's operation and administration to a third party, we may disclose to said third party your personally identifying information for the purpose of continuing to provide you with the services you requested.

Information we collect from you

When you register to the Site, you will be asked to provide your email address and to set your password. Becuase we encrypt your password we will not be able to retrieve it and you should therefore memorize it. You may also choose your topics of interest (so that you can view updates to them when you visit the Site), store items of interest in your personalized area on the Site and create a groups of your work colleagues with whom you can share content. And you may also upload your profile image to the Site, but you are certainly not required to.

At any rate, providing this information is not legally mandated, but rather depends on your choice and consent.


The website uses session-ID cookies intended to facilitate your continuous use of the Site after you have logged in. If you do no log in to the Site, the cookie will not be stored on your computer. In any event, the Session-ID does not let us personally identify you. In other words, if you do not tell us who you are, we will not know. The Session-ID cookie expires once you close your browser.

We use another kind of cookie - CSRF Token - to safeguard against "cross site reference" attacks. Finally, two more cookies are used to by our internal server systems collect statistics.


Activity on Site is monitored through software that analyzes and processes its computer logs to derive statistics. This information includes data such as the number of visits to the Site, the sections on the Site that visitors were interested in, the countries from which the visitors originate, the web search engines they used to find the Site, the types of browsers they use when visiting the Site, and so on. The information collected is purely statistical. We are not able to use that information to identify you personally, and the information is intended for analysis, research and administering the operation of the Site.

Information Security

The server hosting the Site and the computer code running the Site both implement information security principles and measures. While these reduce the risk of unlawful intrusion of Site, they do not provide a guarantee for complete information security. Therefore, we do not ensure absolute security against unauhorized access to information.

Right to review your information

Privacy and data protection law gives you the right to review the information we have about you, and have it corrected or deleted if it is not up to date or correct. Please contact us using the Site's contact-us form and we will get back to you. We will, of course, have to confirm your identity so that we do not mistakenly provide the information to an impostor.

Changes to this policy

We may from time to time change the provisions of this Privacy Policy without prior notice, but the most recent version of the Policy is always available for viewing on Site.

Final words

It is always advisable to use discretion when providing information on the Internet, and it is not a mistake to do the same with our Site as well. Technology tools can help you safeguard your privacy, such as browsers that do not transfer information onward or add-ons like Privacy Badger. We encourage you to use them. Bob Dylan once said that if you surrender your privacy even once, you cannot turn the wheel back. It is a wise advice.