Privacy Policy ® is owned and managed by Adv. Haim Ravia. Our privacy policy is simple:

We do not collect information that may identify you unless you actively provide it to us.

Information That You Actively Provide

You provide us with your personal information when you register on the website, subscribe to our mailing lists, or contact us. These actions are not legally mandated; each depends on your choice and consent.

When you register on the website, we store the details you provide but encrypt your password. This means that if you lose your password, we cannot restore it. is stored on servers outside of Israel. When you provide us with your personal details, you consent to transferring them abroad.

Disclosing Information

We will not disclose information that identifies you personally, other than in the following cases: -

  • If we are served with a court order to disclose such information.
  • In case of a dispute, complaint, demand, or legal proceedings, between you and us.
  • If we transfer to a third party.

Our Cookies

We use cookies to facilitate your use of These are Session-ID cookies that expire once you close your browser. They will not be stored on your computer unless you login to

We use other kinds of cookies to secure and to collect and analyze data about how people use it.

Cookies we use never identify you directly. We try to avoid having third parties trace you; therefore we use an internal statistics tool. We do not use third party services such as Google Analytics.

Content and Cookies from Other Websites

Sometimes we embed content from other websites, such as Twitter or YouTube. They may use their own cookies to trace you. We obviously do not control their privacy practices.

Review Your Information

Please contact us if you wish to review the information we have about you. We will need to confirm your identity first to avoid providing the information to an impostor.

Changes to This Policy

We may from time to time change this Privacy Policy. If we wish to use the information we've collected for different purposes, we will notify our registered users of these changes to the Privacy Policy. We will not provide a notice of changes in other cases. However, the most recent version of the Policy is always available here.