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Practice Areas

Internet Law

The use of the Internet and e-commerce raises legal issues that combine diverse legal areas otherwise rarely to be found together: intellectual property, privacy laws, consumer protection, contract law, evidence law, etc.

Our Cyber, Privacy & Copyright Group has accumulated decades of experience counseling clients on the law as applied to the Internet and cyberspace. Our attorneys have a thorough grasp of new and Internet-driven technologies. They also have conquered precedent-setting legal work on Internet-related issues. Representative topics we have handled include:

  • Liability of online platforms for defamatory speech, infringing material or privacy-invading content made available on them.
  • Legal best practices for online distribution of software and their automatic installers.
  • Contracts for developing and maintaining Internet websites and Internet-based systems and technologies.
  • Drafting Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and Copyright Policies for online platforms.
  • Surreptitious access to Internet subscribers’ emails by investigative authorities.
  • Online protection and licensing of intellectual property.
  • The application of the Israeli penal code to online gambling sites.
  • The application of privacy laws and consumer protection laws to e-commerce.
  • The application of the Israeli legal framework governing use of encryption, to online activities.
  • The do's and don'ts of web linking, web crawling and scraping.

Among the group's legacy litigation cases, we handled a first of its kind lawsuit in the early days of the Israeli Internet, dealing with a court order issued to an Internet access provider compelling it to produce to the IDF the e-mail correspondence of subscribers. This precedent ended with the State Attorney conceding to a substantial number of the arguments raised by the access provider. The State conceded that intercepting e-mail messages before they had reached the provider's computers amounts to wiretapping and is therefore permissible only with a court order specifically designated to electronic eavesdropping.

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