Practice Areas
Practice Areas

Internet Law

The advent of the Internet and e-commerce has given rise to complex legal challenges that intersect multiple areas of law—often ones not typically considered together. These include intellectual property, privacy regulation, consumer protection, contract law, and evidence law, among others.

Our Cyber, Privacy, and Copyright Group boasts decades of specialized experience in navigating the nuanced legal landscape associated with the digital realm. Our team of attorneys possesses a comprehensive understanding of emerging technologies fueled by the Internet. They have also been instrumental in shaping legal precedents pertaining to cyber issues. Our areas of expertise encompass:

  • Legal implications for online platforms regarding defamatory statements, copyright infringements, or privacy violations.
  • Regulatory best practices for the digital distribution of software and automated installation processes.
  • Crafting contracts for the design, development, and maintenance of websites and other online systems.
  • Formulating robust Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, and Copyright Guidelines for web platforms.
  • Legal considerations concerning unauthorized access to users' emails by investigatory bodies.
  • Strategies for the protection and licensing of digital intellectual property.
  • Compliance of online gambling platforms with Israeli criminal law.
  • Application of privacy and consumer protection laws to digital commerce.
  • Israeli regulations governing the use of cryptographic technologies in online activities.
  • Best practices and limitations concerning web linking, data scraping, and crawling.

Among the group's legacy litigation cases, we we managed a groundbreaking case in the early stages of Israel's Internet ecosystem. This case involved a court order requiring an Internet service provider to disclose users' email correspondence to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The case concluded with the State Attorney yielding to many of the arguments made by the service provider. Specifically, the State agreed that the pre-arrival interception of emails at the provider's servers constituted wiretapping, permissible only under a specialized court order for electronic surveillance.

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