Practice Areas
Practice Areas

Copyright & Licensing

We provide experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel, covering all copyrightable subject matters. These include software, databases, musical works, sound recordings, books and other literary works, audiovisual works, and pictorial and graphic works. Our legal services encompass all aspects of copyright, including:

  • Copyright licensing and assignment, including end user software license agreements, Software-as-a-Service agreements, evaluation, PoC and beta testing agreements and music licensing agreements.
  • Copyright issues uniquely applicable to the Internet and mobile ecosystems.
  • Copyright enforcement.
  • Fair use and permissible exploitation of copyrighted material.
  • Analysis of copyright chain of ownership.
  • Registration of copyrighted works.
  • Moral right issues.
  • Duration and expiration of copyright protection.

Whether our clients are freelancers, sole proprietors, start-ups, hi-tech companies, copyright collectives, public sector organizations, or brick-and-mortar businesses, we help copyright owners maximize the value of their assets by properly protecting their copyright interests every step of the way. We also provide copyright litigation services – enforcing copyrights against infringers and defending clients from accusations of alleged infringement.

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