Practice Areas
Practice Areas

Copyright & Licensing

We deliver expert legal counsel across an extensive array of copyrightable materials—ranging from software and databases to musical compositions, sound recordings, literary works, and beyond. Our multifaceted approach to copyright law encompasses:

  • We structure and negotiate a variety of copyright licensing and assignment agreements tailored to your specific needs. These range from end-user software and Software-as-a-Service agreements to specialized contracts for evaluation, proof-of-concept, and beta testing, as well as music licensing.

  • Navigating copyright intricacies specific to digital platforms and mobile ecosystems.

  • Crafting robust copyright enforcement strategies to safeguard your intellectual property.

  • Providing clear guidance on the fair use doctrine and permissible use of copyrighted materials.

  • Conducting thorough analyses of the chain of title in copyright ownership.

  • Facilitating the registration of copyrighted works to enhance legal protections.

  • Addressing the nuances of moral rights within the copyright framework.

  • Advising on the life cycle of copyright, from inception to expiration.

Our client roster spans a wide spectrum—from freelancers and sole proprietors to start-ups, tech innovators, copyright collectives, and public and private sector organizations. We strive to amplify the value of your intellectual property assets by ensuring comprehensive copyright protection at every phase. Furthermore, our litigation team stands ready to enforce your copyrights against unauthorized use or defend you in cases of alleged infringement.

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