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About law.co.il

law.co.il® is the first Israeli web site on Internet law. It has been operating since March 1996. The Site is owned and managed by Advocate Haim Ravia.

Questions about the Site can be sent to Haim using this contact us form.

No charge, but no liability as well

Despite the considerable resources we invest in the Site, in continuously updating it (usually on a daily basis) and developing it, use of the Site is free of charge, but out liability is limited as expressly indicated in these Terms. For more information please see, among other sections, the "Disclaimer of Liability" section below.

News, articles, case law and statutes 

On law.co.il you will find news items and articles on legal aspects related to the Internet, computing and cyber. They do not purport to be complete, comprehensive or up-to-date.

You must bear in mind that legal problems may have various solutions, depending on the nuances of each particular case. Moreover, some of the items and articles presented on Site were originally published many years ago (from 1997). Every item and articles is clearly marked with its original date of publication. What was correct at the time was rendered obsolete as time went by. Law and technology change over time. Legal analyses presented in the past become ill-suited for present times. Therefore, should a problem arise in connection with anything mentioned in the news items and articles on the Site, a lawyer or other professional should be consulted; under no circumstances is the content on law.co.il a substitute for legal advice. The content on the Site must not be relied on as legal advice.

The news items available on Site deal with various topics. While we frequently discuss these issues from their legal perspective, we do not pretend to present on Site "all the news" or the most important news, but rather only what interests us and comes to our attention in the ordinary course of our work as attorneys. We try to keep the Site updated on a regular basis, but this is not always possible (workload, vacation, kids... you know it).


n attempt will be made to provide a reference to the source of every item, and the item is accurate only to the extent that its source is accurate. If we happen to express an opinion, it is always our own personal opinion, and should not be considered a legal opinion or the opinion of our clients, our firm , the firm's partners or its employees.

Links on the Site

On law.co.il® you will find links and references to law-related web sites and legal information on the Internet. Bear in mind that we do not operate or own those sites and do not control or supervise the information on them. We do not adopt or endorse the content on those sites and do not vouch for their quality. Links to those sites and content do not indicate that they have been screened and found reliable, up-to-date, complete, or accurate.

Furthermore, sites and information change and are updated in a heartbeat, whether due to legal developments (especially in the dynamic areas covered by law.co.il) or to the ongoing changes typical of the Internet. Material that is up-to-date and complete today, may very well be lacking or even wrong, tomorrow.

The online index featured under the tab "Legal Links" is edited in our subjective discretion. The order of appearance of sites listed in the index is not an indication of their quality or importance. Although we make efforts to provide an adequate description of those sites, we cannot promise that the description is the most correct or up-to-date.

We disclaim any warranty for the operability of the linked sites. In fact, we recognize that many websites and web sources change their addresses over the years and discontinue their operation. We may remove links previously presented, or to refrain from adding new links. The fact that a link to a certain site is presented on law.co.il does not guarantee that the link will not be removed or changed.

Mailing Lists

Some of the information available on law.co.il is transmitted via email messages sent from time to time to those who have asked to subscribe to our mailing list. In order to subscribe to this service you must submit an express request to subscribe. You will be asked to provide your name, email address and some other information. Please provide only accurate information.

We will use the information you provide in accordance with our privacy policy. You may unsubscribe from receiving email messages at any time through your account settings on law.co.i.

We reserve the right to suspend this service to any one or more subscribers, or to terminate it altogether, for any reason whatsoever

Social Media

Some of the information published on this site is posted on law.co.il's social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook. Yuo are solely responsbile for your use of these social networks and third party services. It wil most likely be subject to their own terms of service.

RSS Feeds

Some of the information on law.co.il is made avilable through RSS Feeds. You may not include advertisements in the feeds or otherwise modify them without our express prior written consent. We reserve the right to require that anyone who integrated such feed into a web site or any other online service to cease cease doing so at any time for any reason. We need not provide a reason for such a request and whomever is so requested undertakes to promptly comply with such a request.


We respect the privacy of Site's users. The most recent Privacy Policy for law.co.il can always be found here. It constitutes an integral part of these Terms of Use. Given that the Privacy Policy may occasionally change, it is recommended review it from time to time.

Disclaimer of Liability

The information and services provided on the Site are intended for use "AS IS". They cannot be adapted to the particular needs any particular person. You will have no claim, complaint or demand against us arising from information or services on the Site, from their accuracy, reliability, completeness, timeliness or the frequency of publication. Using and relying on the information available on the Site is therefore entirely and solely under your own responsibility and we disclaim any and all liability whatsoever for any outcome directly or indirectly resulting from relying on information made available on the Site.

We disclaim any and all liability in connection with the information and sites linked from law.co.il, including their completeness, reliability, accuracy, and timeliness of such sites and information. Anyone relying on sites and information linked from law.co.il does so solely under his or her own responsibility.

We do not guarantee uninterrupted operation of te Site or its secure and smooth operation without glitches, malfunctions or failures, whether in hardware, software, network lines and systems, on the Site or the Site's various service providers.

We disclaim any and all liability whatsoever arising from disclosure of information submitted to the Site in case of unlawful intrusion into the Site's computer systems.

Intellectual Property

We exlusviely own all copyright and intellectual property rights on the Site, including news items, articles, format of the forms, and any other textual information of an kind whatsoever, the design of the Site and all its contents, applications, computer code, graphic files and any other content included therein. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, display publicly, make available, translate or transmit to a third party, any part of the above without obtaining express written permission, in advance, from us .

law.co.il® is a registered trademark of Advocate Haim Ravia. The site also operates under other domain names, such as cyberlaw.co.il, it-law.co.il and others. It is forbidden to use the Site's domain names, the name "Ravia", or the trademark law.co.il®, without obtaining express written permission, in advance, from the rightful o.

The Site may display content with the permission of third parties. The copyright to such content is owned by the third party that has given us permission to use it. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, display publicly, make available, translate or transmit these contents or any part thereof without express written permission, in advance, from the copyright owners.

And one last note: you may upload content to the Site, to a limited extent (your profile image, for instance,, or comments you post next to content where those comments are viewable to you and may be shared with your co-workers). We do not claim any rights to such content that you post, of course.

Using Site

The Site is designed for personal and private use only. It is forbidden to use the information and any other material on the Site for commercial purposes. It is forbidden to display any information whatsoever presented  on Site on another Internet site or any other service, without obtaining our written permission, in advance, and subject to the conditions of such permission (should it be granted). It is likewise forbidden to cache or aggregate information and content presented on the Site through use of software such as robots, crawlers, etc., or to distribute such information and content commercially or through commercial arrangements.

It is forbidden to display the Site within a frame, whether visible or hidden.

It is forbidden to link to the Site's pages using "deep links", unless the link is made to a full web page, to be displayed to the user from the Site's computers without intervening in its design, content or operation. "Deep links" are furthermore conditioned upon the precise URL address of the page from the Site appearing in the ordinary place intended for it in the software browser used to view the Site.

It is forbidden to link to isolate objects on the Site, such as direct linking to images or documents displayed through Site, as opposed to linking to the full webpage they are on.

It is forbidden to display Site through a different graphic design or interface than those we have configured for, without obtaining our written permission, in advance.

It is forbidden to display the Site through any technology systems that modifies its content.

Changes to Site

We  may from time to time change the Site's layout or format, as well as the scope and availability of the information or services provided on the Site and any other aspect of the Site, without prior notice. Such changes may take place taking into account, among other factors, the dynamic nature of the Internet and the developments in technology. Changes of this type by their very nature might result in glitches or cause inconvenience of use of some kind. You will have no claim of any kind whatsoever, or complain or demand, against us, in connection with the introduction of such changes or from glitches or any kind of failure resulting from their introduction.

Termination of Use

We may, in our sole discretion and without prior notice, block your use of the Site or any part thereof; prevent access to the entire Site or parts thereof; cancel your subscription to services offered on Site; or remove or delete any information or content previously presented on the Site. In particular, we may do so in any case of violation of these Terms or in any case of any action or inaction that causes or is likely to be harmful to the Site, its users, to us or anyone acting on their behalf. 

Termination of Site's operations

We may terminate or suspend the Site's operation at any time, permanently or temporarily. We will however, make an effort to provide prior notice on the Site itself. In such case, content you flagged or submitted will no longer be kept.

Changes to Terms of Use

We may from time to time change these Terms of Use without prior notice. You may at any time read the most recent version of the Terms of Use by clicking here.

Applicable Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use and the use of the Site are governed exlusively by the laws of the State of Israel.

Any dispute related to the Site or to these Terms of Use, will be subject to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in the district of Tel Aviv, Israel.