EU Establishes Office for Artificial Intelligence

The new European Office for Artificial Intelligence is now established by the European Commission. The establishment marks a significant milestone in the European Union’s approach to artificial intelligence. Its declared purpose is to serve as a key instrument in monitoring and overseeing AI technologies throughout the European Union.

The European AI Office intends to enforce and implement the prevailing rules on artificial intelligence as outlined in the forthcoming EU AI Act, the detailed legislation in this field under development in the European Union. The AI Act is expected to be enacted in April. The main responsibilities of the European AI Office include ensuring the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence, fostering innovation, and maintaining a balance between technological advancement and the protection of fundamental rights.

The European AI Office’s areas of responsibility include international cooperation, the promotion of trustworthy artificial intelligence, and contribution to international regulation of artificial intelligence. It will also play a crucial role in supporting the enforcement of laws on prohibited AI methods and high-risk artificial intelligence systems, facilitating cooperation between national authorities, and establishing information systems and databases in the field.

Click here to read the European Commission’s decision to establish the office.