UK Updates Artificial Intelligence Principles

The UK government has published its response to public comments provided to the initial draft of the March 2023 Artificial Intelligence Policy Report. The draft presented five core principles for artificial intelligence: safety, security, transparency, fairness, and accountability. The draft policy aimed to reduce regulatory uncertainties regarding artificial intelligence.

The UK government’s response emphasizes its commitment to developing regulation in the field of artificial intelligence to harness the inherent benefits of these technologies while addressing potential risks and challenges. According to the government’s position, there is a need to establish a function to examine the management of artificial intelligence in the UK and address regulatory gaps. The government noted that it has already begun steps to establish such a function.

Additionally, the government’s attention turned to several regulators that have already started taking action in line with the approach proposed in the report. Efforts are made to ensure the effective implementation of these principles in other departments. One example is the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, which has also issued guidelines on privacy protection in artificial intelligence.

The updated response from the UK government outlines further actions it intends to take in 2024 in the field of artificial intelligence. The government will continue to develop policies for regulating artificial intelligence, encourage its use in industry, and support companies utilizing this technology. Among other initiatives, the government will invest over £100 million in funding for initiatives related to safety in the use of artificial intelligence, support the development of regulatory skills, and engage in international partnerships regarding responsibility in the use of artificial intelligence.

The UK government also notes that additional steps will be required to address potential harms associated with artificial intelligence, and the promotion of legislation in this area will be considered as the risks become clearer.

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