Israeli Parliament Affirms Use of Vehicle Tracking System by Police

The Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) has enacted Amendment No. 40 to the Police Ordinance, affirming the Police’s use of a vehicle tracking system named “Ein Hanetz”. This amendment, commonly referred to as the “Tracking Law,” is specifically designed to regulate the use of a camera-based system that recognizes vehicle identification plates and enables the tracking of individual’s movements on roads. According to the law, the installation and operation of these cameras have the following declared purposes:

  1. Prevention, detection, or investigation of actual and attempted criminal offenses, including those that may pose a threat to the safety or security of individuals, public safety, or national security.
  2. Prevention of serious harm to personal safety or property in cases where there is an imminent threat of harm.
  3. Locating missing individuals where there are concerns for their well-being.
  4. Enforcing entry bans to public places as dictated by law, and enforcing restraining orders from public places.

The amendment to the ordinance excludes provisions for biometric identification, a component that was initially included in the bill.

Click here to read Amendment No. 40 to the Police Ordinance (in Hebrew).