The United States Resumes the Advancement of Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is taking steps to reinstate net neutrality rules, which were rescinded by the Trump administration in 2018. Net neutrality rules require internet access providers to treat all online traffic equally, devoid of bias, favoritism, or unjust interference, without intentionally slowing down or blocking any type of online services. These rules are specifically aimed at prohibiting practices such as bandwidth throttling for data-intensive applications and platforms, such as Netflix.

Proponents argue that net neutrality safeguards online freedom and innovation, while opponents assert that it interferes with the optimal flow of investment and imposes undue regulations on Internet access providers.

The FCC’s recent decision to resume the advancement of the rules was made amid a political split. The two commissioners affiliated with the Republican party opposed the move, while their three Democratic counterparts advocated for the revival of the regulations.

Efforts to reinstate the net neutrality rules are expected to take more than a year.

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