The White House Publishes a National Cybersecurity Strategy

The White House published a national cybersecurity strategy designed to determine the best approach to address cyber threats originating from both state and non-state actors. Through this national strategy, the U.S. government seeks to promote a digital environment that will support the implementation of more efficient cyber protection, and the development of recovery capabilities that will mitigate the impact of cyber incidents.

The national strategy is based on several pillars, including:

  • Defending critical infrastructures: improving the availability and recoverability of providers of critical infrastructures and essential services, in part by establishing uniform standards for security.
  • Disrupting and dismantling threat actors through the development of a broad federal approach to deal with ransom events.
  • Shaping market forces to drive security and resilience, in part by promoting privacy and the protection of personal information, placing responsibility on software product developers for secure development, and providing government grants for secure infrastructures.
  • International partnerships and coalitions to counter cyber threats and reinforce global norms for responsible state behavior.

Click here to read the White House’s full national cybersecurity strategy.