Ukraine Says Russia’s Cyber-Attacks Are War Crimes

Senior officials in the Ukraine government alleged that Russia's cyber-attacks against Ukrainian infrastructure constitute war crimes. The Chief Digital Transformation Officer at the Special Communications and Information Protection Authority (SSSCIP), accused Russia of launching cyber-attacks in coordination with kinetic military attacks as part of its invasion of Ukraine and emphasized that the digital warfare is part of what Ukraine considers war crimes committed against its citizens.

The Ukrainian official indicated that the military attacks in many areas of Ukraine were orchestrated. For example, the rocket attacks against military and civilian centers were coordinated with cyber-attacks against local authorities, websites, and local internet service providers. The attacks significantly diminished the ability of Ukraine citizens to prepare and defend themselves against the attacks.

According to the Ukraine government, cyber officials are compiling evidence of Russian cyber-attacks against the civilian infrastructure to demand that the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague investigate Russia's alleged cyberspace warfare misconduct of warfare, and declare that these cyber-attacks amount to war crimes.