FIFA Presents: Technological Monitoring of World Cup Players

FIFA has announced it is offering World Cup players a view into the insights of their game performance using a dedicated app, the FIFA PLAYER, developed by FIFA in collaboration with FIFPRO, the global representative of professional soccer players.

FIFA did not explain whether the information will also be viewable to non-players such as coaches, team managers, FIFA itself, or others. FIFA’s official announcement indicated that FIFA and FIFPRO have worked closely together to define a "charter of rights" in connection with the players' data and provide transparent information about their privacy rights under existing legislation, including the GDPR.

The information collected about the players will include, among other things, computed metrics collected by FIFA's team of skilled soccer performance analysts. For instance, metrics on a player indicating he is open to receiving the ball or him applying pressure on an opposing player in possession of the ball. Physical metrics, such as the speed of the players, will be collected using camera systems in the stadiums.

The information collected will be synchronized with filmed game clips to allow the players to view the information in synchronization with the developments of the game. The players will also be able to watch the games from different camera angles. In addition, FIFA announced it is collaborating with the “Calm” app for relaxation and meditation in this year’s World Cup. Soccer players, coaches, and training staff will receive a free subscription to the app "to help them prepare for games and relax."

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