Dutch Privacy Regulator Imposes a €750,000 Fine on TikTok

The Data Protection Authority of the Netherlands has hit TikTok with three-quarters of a million Euro fine for failing to abide by the GDPR’s transparency obligations toward data subject in that TikTok did not provide a privacy statement in Dutch for its younger users.

According to the Dutch regulator, TikTok is a popular app among children in the Netherlands and they are an especially vulnerable category of users because they are less aware of the consequences of sharing their personal information on social media.

TikTok established its EU headquarters in Ireland in the course of the Dutch regulator’s investigations, a step that eliminated the Dutch regulator’s jurisdiction in the matter and prompted the regulator to transfer the matter to the Irish Data Protection Commission. The Dutch regulator submitted its findings last year, after which TikTok took some remedial steps, allowing parents greater control over their children’s accounts, through a “Family Pairing” feature.

Click HERE to read the Dutch data protection authority’s press release.

Click HERE to read the Dutch data protection authority’s decision against TikTok.