Belgium: Facebook Must Stops Collecting Data on Users Through other Websites

A Belgian court ordered Facebook to stop tracking Belgian citizens surfing the Internet, and to delete all data it unlawfully obtained on Belgian citizens who are not Facebook users. The court also ordered that if Facebook does not comply with the ruling it will face compounding fines of € 250,000 per day. The court also held that Facebook failed to inform its users of its data collection practices outside the confines of the social network, and that it did not provide sufficient information about how it uses the collected data and for how long it retains the data.

The legal battle between the Belgian regulators and Facebook ensued in 2015, when a Belgium court ordered Facebook to stop monitoring citizens who are not Facebook users, or it will be fined € 250,000 per day. Both the present lawsuit and the one from 2015 were brought by the Belgium data-protection regulators. In 2015, Facebook successfully overturned the ruling on appeal, on the grounds that Belgium courts have no jurisdiction over the social network, given that its headquarters are in Ireland. Now, the court has rejected Facebook's arguments that it lacks jurisdiction, given that Facebook violates Belgium privacy laws by tracking Belgian users.