ISOC-IL to Launch a Public Cybersecurity Support Center

The Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) will launch a support center offering private individuals and small businesses assistance in addressing cyber-security incidents – according to a call for tenders published by ISOC-IL. The support center's purpose is to assist end users in handling cyber-security threats. The center will comprise of several layers of assistance:
  • A website with up-to-date, reliable and accessible information on various cyber-defense issues.
  • Interactive user forums in which citizens can raise questions on information security and computer use. Answers will be provided by citizens interested in dedicating their time and sharing their knowledge. The forum will be continuously monitored by an information security expert on behalf of ISOC-IL, who will manage the forum and will ensure that the support provided is not erroneous, misleading, malicious or harmful. If answers are not provided by the public within a reasonable time, the forum's manager will provide a response.
  • Message distribution network (via email, mobile app and other channels) for information regarding up-to-date cyber-security threats and the ways to address them, as such threats are published by the Israeli national CERT operating within the new cyber-defense authority or by other reliable sources.
  • An individualized examination procedure for a cyber-security incident, to be conducted with a citizen who comes across a particular issue. Information security and forensic experts from leading cyber-security firms will examine these issues. The cyber-security firms will contribute monthly retainers of expert hours.
  • Cooperation with the Israeli national CERT, and in turn and where appropriate, with other relevant state authorities, in an effort to handle the cyber-incident.