Coming Soon: A Health Information Card for Every Israeli Patient

The Israeli Minister of Health, Mr. Ya’akov Litzman, announced his plan to promote the issuance of a uniform medical card that will consolidate all medical information about a patient, including information regarding treatments, medical tests, medications and medical history. The card is designed to allow all health providers and hospitals in Israel consolidated access to a patient’s medical information in order to provide better medical care. The General Manager of the Ministry of Health explained that from past experience, when information regarding patients is scattered across various systems, the continuity of the patient’s medical treatment is adversely impacted. The General Manager stated that a consolidated information-sharing system has proven save lives.
Officials at the Health Ministry indicated that during the development of the system, a strong emphasis was put on matters of patient privacy and protection of their rights, including implementation of control mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to information and alert in cases of unauthorized attempts to access the information. Additionally, the patient can choose whether to allow a health care practitioner access to his or her information. The National Cyber Headquarters expressed support for unified health cards. According to the Cyber Headquarters, the primary threat would be hacker hacking into the database and altering its data. Source: NRG (in Hebbew, by Assaf Golan and Dalia Mazuri).