Israeli convicted and sentenced to prison for selling IDF transceivers on eBay

An Israeli was convicted under the Defense Exports Control Law, for the selling IDF military transceivers on eBay without obtaining the required permit to do so from the Ministry of Defense. This is the first conviction for an offense under the Defense Exports Control Law, enacted eight years ago. The seller, who earned more than $200,000 from the sale of hundreds of devices, was sentenced to a fine and a four and a half month imprisonment, which was converted to community service. Over the course of nearly a decade, the defendant sold IDF radio devices to buyers whose identities remain unknown. The seller's online trade was based on old parts which he purchased from contractors of the Ministry of Defense, and reassembled together by himself to create fully functioning devices, some of which included advanced encryption capabilities. 

In some cases, when shipping the devices overseas to buyers, the seller completed the delivery form with false information, thus evading customs control audits. The State's indictment alleged that the defendant exposed "the IDF to security risks which endanger vital interests of the State of Israel, its foreign relations and its international obligations”. Source: Ha'aretz (by Amos Harel). Click here to view the sentencing decision, in Hebrew.