Israel: Online Service for Drafting and Submitting Small Claims

A recently launched Israeli website operated by law partnership Alkabetz Eshel – Tiktaklaw – offers an online service for drafting small claims complaints and submitting them to court. The submission service requires basic information on the nature of the claim and allows the attachment and uploading of additional files as evidence exhibits.

The fee for the service is 190 NIS (approximately US $50), or 3% of the amount of the claim – whichever is greater, and to which court fees are added. Users who choose to use the service for submission of complaints to court may also receive information about dates of scheduled hearings as well as other details of the various stages of the case’s procedural progress. The service additionally provides users with legal information related to the subject matter of the claim. Source: Globes (by Michal Raz-Haimovich)