's Haim Ravia Featured in Data Protection & Privacy Laws Annual Review's Haim Ravia, Senior Partner and Chair of the Internet, IT & Copyright Group at Pearl Cohen, has been featured in Financier Worldwide’s 2014 Data Protection & Privacy Laws Annual Review.

The Annual Review canvasses the opinions of leading experts from around the world who advise on data protection and privacy laws. Haim, who deals extensively with data protection and privacy, contributed to the Israel chapter of the report, providing insight into key developments in Israel.

In his commentary, Haim discusses regulator activities and high profile data breaches, outlines data protection risks and mitigation measures and addresses recommended best practices, underscoring that “companies must realize that protecting privacy and safeguarding data is not a one-off event, but rather a continuous process that requires care, funding and resources, even at times of budget cuts.”

More information about the Annual Review is available from Financier Worldwide’s website. The Annual Review is available here and Haim's contribution is on pp. 54-56.