Ministry of Communications to hold hearing for SLU Service

Following hearings held to expand competition in broadband communications (wholesale market), the Ministry of Communications published a hearing for the Sub Loop Unbundling (SLU) service, and is opening up competition to access network segments between the active communication cabinet of the existing telecom infrastructure providers, and the customer’s home. The service will allow telecom companies that are lacking physical telecom infrastructure (infrastructure that currently only Bezeq and Hot provide), to use the existing infrastructure, beginning from the point of delivery at the service provider to the point of delivery on the consumer's end. The hearing is intended for all telecom companies. Presently, as part of Bezeq's Network, the fiber optic cable does not reach the consumer's home, rather it reaches a central active communication cabinet on the consumer's street, and from there, is routed to the customer’s home via twisted pair. Presently, the service will apply to Bezeq’s network only, and, in the future, will be extended to include HOT’s network as well. Source: Ministry of Communications