Committee to review regulating TV content delivered over the Internet in Israel

The Israeli Minister of Communications, Mr. Gilad Erdan, announced the establishment of a public commission to examine the future regulation of commercial television broadcasts via broadband mobile and Internet (such broadcasts made possible by advanced infrastructures like Fiberoptic cables To The subscriber’s Home - FTTH). The committee will examine the desired regulatory adjustments, including the desired supervisory model, and related issues such as the duty placed upon broadcasters to invest in original productions. The committee will be led by Prof. Amit Schejter from the Communications Department at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, who previously co-directed the Institute for Information Policy at Penn State University, and served as the director of legal affairs at the Israeli Broadcasting Authority (IBA). In the Letter of Appointment, Minister Erdan emphasized that “what is required is a comprehensive solution that will regulate broadcasting in the long run, and establish a level playing field.” Other committee members will serve alongside Prof. Schejter, including key experts from the academia, the Internet and advertising industries, and regulatory bodies for TV broadcasting. The committee is expected to submit its recommendations in mid-August. Source: Press Release by the spokesperson for the Ministry of Communications (in Hebrew).