Israeli National Cyber Bureau will Establish CERT

The Israeli National Cyber Bureau is working to establish an Israeli Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), as its first national initiative - announced Mr. Rami Efrati, the head of civil affairs at the Cyber Bureau. CERT is in charge, among other things, of information security incidents involving government or large scale organizations. According to the Israeli government's information security website, “Representatives of CERT are readily available for any cyber-attack on the network which they are resposible for, including risk management, establishing information security procedures, traffic control, virus outbreaks, prevention of SPAM and phishing, web piracy, identity theft, safeguarding information privacy, raising security awareness, sharing information with and updating ISPs, military officials, police, secret service and their foreign counterparts, on trends and new phenomena in the field.” According to Mr. Efrati, the Israeli CERT will operate out of Be’er Sheba, which will become a central city in the cyber field and will host units of the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli Intelligence engaged in this field, as well as high-tech industry companies and venture capital funds.