Viewing pedophilic content to be a criminal offense in Israel

The Israeli Ministry of Justice recently published a memorandum of bill to amend the Israeli Penal Code to prohibit viewing pedophilic content via the Internet. The Penal Code presently prohibits only the possession and publication of such content. The memorandum of bill is initially released for public comments, prior to submitting it for legislation in the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset. The need for the amendment rises from recent technological developments and is reflected in international treaties regarding this topic. The amendment seeks to apply the ban to include acts of consuming pedophilic content via the Internet (such as by streaming), not only to those that hold copies of files with such content on their computer or on magnetic storage media. Source: Globes (In Hebrew, by: Yuval Yoaz) {The memorandum of bill, in Hebrew, is available here}.