Committee will set rules for Israeli judges' use of social networks

An internal committee within the Judicial Authority of Israel is working nowadays on establishing guidelines for judges' use of social networks. The Judicial Authority revealed that the committee will determine ethical and professional rules and principles that will apply to judges regarding this topic. The committee, headed by the Deputy President of the District Court in Nazareth, the Honorable Judge Avraham Avraham, recently heard the opinion of Prof. Michael Birnhack, a prominent Israeli scholar in the field of law and technology. According to Prof. Birnhack, the current Code of Ethics for judges addresses most of the issues that may arise as a resut of judges' use of social networks. Nevertheless, Prof. Birnhack recommended that the committee establish clear guidelines regarding virtual friendship connections between judges and attorneys. Interestingly, an unnamed source has argued that some judges in Israel are already active on social networks, concealing their identity through aliases or by using accounts of other family members. Source: TheMarker (in Hebrew, by Ido Baum).