ISPs to inform clients of hazardous websites

The Israeli Knesset approved the 49th amendment to the Communications Act (Bezeq and Broadcasting) (link to the amendment - in Hebrew). According to the amendment, which was proposed by parliament member Alex Miller, Internet service providers (ISPs) will be required to offer their clientele website screening services free of charge and to notify them about "offensive websites" which include content related to sex, racism, violence and gambling. The amendment further requires the ISPs to inform their customers about the various ways in which they can protect themselves from such websites, including technological solutions such as internet screening software programs. ISPs will be required to fulfill this requirement by taking the following actions: posting informational pamphlets (upon signing up the customers and following a client's renewal of contract), publishing of information on the ISP's websites, mention of the information in the sign-up agreement with the customers and/or informing them through the customer service representatives. The amendment states that:  ISPs will offer subscribers efficient screening services in order to prevent access to offensive websites on the Internet and that the services will be free of charge.