Israel prepares for cyber attack

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced yesterday the establishment of a new national governmental body which will co-ordinate and manage Israel's defense and development needs in the information security field and the ongoing cyber war. Netanyahu stated that over the next few years hundreds of millions of Shekels (the Israeli currency) will be allocated to the establishment and running of this new body and, that "Israel is exposed to cyber attacks which can cripple the systems that help manage the country and therefore we are preparing ourselves in advance". He further stated that cyber attacks present a strategic threat which requires a suitable solution, one in the form of a professional body which will educate on the subject, advance it and operate advanced defense systems. The new body's plan of action was done by reserve General, Professor Yitzhak Ben-Israel, the chairman of the National Council for research and development (part of the Ministry of Science and Technology) along with 80 profesionals from the academic and industrial realm. Source (in Hebrew): Ynet.