Class actions against Sony for PSN hacking

Two class action claims against Sony and its Israeli distributor, Isfar, were submitted to the District court in Tel-Aviv, Israel, over the recent hacking into the PlayStation Network (PSN). It is reported that approximately 70 million user's personal details were exposed - including names, addresses, emails, user names, passwords and possibly credit card details as well as information regarding online transactions. Although Sony International has already apologized for the incident, claims against the company have already been filed around the world. Sony has additionally asked its network users to review their credit card statements and report any out of the ordinary charges to their credit card companies.

The first claim out of the two estimates the sum of compensation by 108 million ILS (approximately US $30,000,000). The second one has almost doubled the sum - 220 million ILS. According to the plaintiffs, there are approximately 120,000 PlayStation users in Israel. Plaintiffs claim that they had previously used their credit cards online through the Sony network but that they do not know whether their details have been breached during the hacking to Sony's systems. Regardless, they claim that Sony neglected to fulfill its obligations, primarily by not maintaining a security system equipped to ensure the safe storing of sensitive information such as user credit card's details. Source: TheMarker (Hebrew).