BGA blocks access to political websites

Ben-Gurion Airport (Israel's international airport) may be all shiny and new, but if you try using the wireless internet connection to surf political organizations websites – right wing or left – you might be surprised to find that these have been blocked. The websites were found to be blocked by the airport's information security and filtering software - Fortinet - which has defined them as being dangerous. Among the blocked websites you can find the following left wing organizations: "Breaking the Silence", "barrier watch", "Ta'ayush", "Peace Now", and the following right wing organizations: "The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel" and "SOS Israel. The airport authority commented on the subject saying that the general guideline is to allow open and free internet access, only excluding websites that consume large band width (for example, video downloading websites) and gambling or sexually orientated websites. The airport authority further commented that the blocked websites were marked by the security software as controversial and that they intend to further look in to the matter. Source: Haaretz.