Eichmann's full trial protocols are available online

After more than 40 years, the Israel Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has uploaded the full court protocols of Adolf Eichmann's trial to its website. Eichmann was the SS general in charge of executing and facilitating the Nazi regime plan to exterminate all of the Jewish people in Europe. A total of six volumes were published: Three volumes contain the complete protocol and the judgment given by a special panel of the district court of Jerusalem and other documents (such as written testimonies by witnesses of the prosecution). Two other volumes contain a photocopy of Eichmann's original confession at the police and a Hebrew abstract of his confession along with other 1,500 scanned documents submitted to court. The digitizing and publishing of the volumes at the MOJ website were funded by the MOJ itself along with additional funding by state devoted patrimonies and "the Fund for publishing the records of Eichmann's trial".