Google to Israel: adopt a Notice & Notice system

Israel should follow Canada and adopt a Notice & Notice system, says William F. Patry, Senior Copyright Counsel at Google, Inc. Mr. Patry appeared yesterday before the Science Committee of the Knesset, preparing the E-Commerce Bill. According to Mr. Patry, most Cease and Desist letters Google companies get, do not deal with copyright infringement but rather with commercial competition and constitute an attempt to block freedom of expression. He recommended the Canadian approach as the best for ISPs, since it doesn't leave the provider with an option to remove the material or to be sued.

Mr. Patry told the Knesset Committee that each minute users of YouTube load 10 hours of video and everyday one billion minutes of videos are streamed from the website. "We couldn't hire enough people to check it in advance", he said. Finally, he told the Knesset, "don't be intimidates by international organizations that say the Israeli E-Commerce Bill is not conforming to US legislation. It is completely reasonable". Mr. Patry was invited to the hearing by the Ministry of Justice.