Exposing secret appendices of franchises of ISPs

Secret appendices were attached to franchises of the cellular companies and the ISPs received from the state. According to these appendices, the suppliers are obligated to transfer to the security forces - I.D.F, General Security Services, Hamosad, the Israel Police and the prison service - any information on surfing figures of the internet surfers in Israel, upon their request. This was claimed by the movement for freedom of information. That is to say, the state, via "the security forces", is entitled to collect data on all the communication activities that a person is committing in Israel, via the internet, e-mail, cellular phone calls and text messages.  This, apparently, without the courts' supervision and even without the awareness of public himself. On September 24, 2007, the momement for freedom of information has submitted to the Jerusalem Court for Administrational Matters a petition based on the Freedom of Information Law in Israel. The petition was filed against the Ministry of Communications and the Prime Minister's office, demanding them to expose "the security appendices of the franchises of the cellular companies and the ISPs registered in Israel". Source: Ha'aretz