Bill of indictment for extortion women he met at

A bill of indictment was filed lately with the Tel-Aviv District Court against Eduard Nasimov, a suspect in serious offences he committed to four women he met via the leading acquaintanceship jewish website The defendant is accused in threat, extortion, stealing, receiving something deceitfully, assaulting, sexual harassment, etc. According to the bill of indictment, Nasimov, a 25 years old guy, has communicated the complainers, among them single-parent mothers, as he introduced himself in some false identities. Inter alia, he impersonated to the jewish billionaire Mr. Roman Abramovich, and to other lawyers in false names. Telling false stories and futilely promises, the defendant succeed to extort the complainers in half million NIS. When the complainers stoped to transfer money to the defendant, he started threaten them and their families. Source: Globes (registration is required).