e-voting in Israel

Is the era of casting "blank votes" nearly over? nrg's internet website reports [Hebrew] that the Ministry of Interior has authorized to conduct a trial "e-voting" in Israel. According to the report, the Minister of Interior authorized for a team in his office to conduct an e-voting pilot for. The pilot will take place in November, during the local council's elections. The trial will be held in ten different constituencies, in which voters will be asked to vote twice: once in the traditional manner, and once again using e-voting computers. During the e-voting process, the pictures and names of the candidates will appear on screen, and each of the voters will be asked to elect a candidate and then confirm their vote. The Ministry of Interior expects that e-voting will lead to higher voting rates since each and every citizen will be able to vote in various locations in the country and will not be limited to one a location near his/her official residence. In addition, the use of electronic systems is expected to reduce the number of tampered and forged votes and significantly shorten the nerve-racking wait for the election results. If the trial proves to be is successful, the Minister of Interior will implement the system during the next elections for the municipal authorities, in about a year.