Army officer accused of accessing his commander's email

The prosecution of Israel's Defense Forces (IDF) will indict a junior officer for illegally accessing his commander's computer files and e-mail correspondence. Allegedly, the junior officer accessed his commander's computer files and for several months read and deleted some of his e-mails, read his personal journal and other classified information "that could aid the enemy to locate targets and make tactical decisions". Some of this information he even saved on his personal computer. Military police conducted an investigation promptly after learning of his actions. The officer will be indicted of wire-tapping, intrusion of privacy, inflicting damage to computer equipment and exceeding his authority to the point of jeopardizing national security. Both the indicted officer and his commander, a colonel, serve in a technological army unit. What apparently begun as a foolish prank may result in a lengthy jail term in military penitentiary. Source: (in Hebrew)