Deceitful Chain Letter: Tnuva Recycles Expired Milk

A chain email letter that has been circulating in Israel in the past few days claims that Tnuva, the country's leading dairy producer, "has invented a new method to recycle milk", and that it "pasteurizes milk which passed its expiration date" and returns it to the retailers. Inter alia, the message claims that "if the milk has been pasteurized five times you are probably drinking white water rather than good healthy milk". In response, Tnuva has sent an internal email to its employees explaining "that any milk returned from retailers is detroyed in accordance with the law... there is no such thing as pateurizing materials, and the pasteurization process does not turn milk into water but ensures the product's quality - and is performed on all dairy products". Finally, it asks the employees to spread the internal email "to anyone whos sends you the deceitful email message". The company filed a complaint with the police. TheMarker.