Israeli National Lottery accusses government of delaying online lottery

The Israeli National Lottery (Mifal Hapais) accused the Ministry of Finance of delaying Internet lottery. The Pais chairman, Mr. Shimon Katzenelson, was quoted today on TheMarker as saying that it has been waiting for MOFs permit to conduct online lottery for over two years now. The Israeli Penal Code, 1977, prohibits betting, wagering and gambling at large, however section 231(a)(2) provides that such prohibition does not apply to certain gambling activities organized by the National Lottery if the Minister of Finance authorized it in advance. Mr. Katzenelson accused the Ministry of Finance of giving no serious arguments for withholding the permit. The National lottery expects online lottery to increase its income by 5% (NIS 200,000,000 = US $50,000,000) during its first year of operation. The Ministry of Finance said in response that if a permit is to be given to the Pais, it will only be issued after the Attorney General and the police approve of it.