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"the 'one-stop shop' for information on European copyright developments".
the international format industry association dedicated to the protection of television formats
"a resource for individuals seeking information on how to defend themselves if their identity has been subpoenaed by a private third party seeking to enforce their copyrights on the Internet".
This site collects material related to the constitutional challenge of the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act, which extended by 20 years both existing copyrights and future copyrights.
including a list of contracting parties.

This portal provides real world, practical and relevant copyright information for anyone navigating the net.
This report summarizes the legal protection available for computer software in most significant markets around the world as of January 2002
homepage of the forthcoming book "The History of Copyright: A Critical Overview With Source Texts in Five Languages" by Karl-Erik Tallmo.
Here you can get permission to reproduce copyrighted content such as articles and book chapters in your journals, photocopies, coursepacks, library reserves, Web sites, e-mail and more
by Thomas G. Field, Jr. - from Franklin Pierece Law Center. Basic IP information.

Copyright Watch collects and monitors copyright laws from all over the world
Table Compiled by Laura Gasaway Director of the Kathrine R. Everett Law Library and Professor of Law University of North Carolina.
Author: Niva Elkin-Koren Law School, Haifa University Israel

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