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Israel has Established a National Program for the Prevention of Internet Crime Against Children | Feb 04, 2016
The Israeli government has unanimously approved the proposal ...Read more
Israeli Government Publishes Draft of Regulatory Framework for the Cyber Defense Profession | Jan 06, 2016
The National Cyber Headquarters at the Israeli Prime ...Read more
Amendment to Israel R&D Law – The Establishment of the National Authority for Technological Innovation | Jan 05, 2016
On January 1, 2016, a National Authority for Technological ...Read more
Israel: Settlement in Class Action Suit on Patient Privacy | Dec 29, 2015
The District Court in Haifa, Israel, approved a ...Read more
Haim Ravia and Dotan Hammer author Israel chapter in The Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Law Review | Dec 22, 2015's Haim Ravia (Senior Partner at Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer ...Read more
Israeli Supreme Court Determines What Is Considered Unlawful Intrusion to Computers | Dec 18, 2015
The Israeli Computers Law criminalizes intrusion into computer ...Read more
Israelis Arrested for Allegedly Pirating Television Content Online | Dec 07, 2015
The elite investigations unit of the Israeli National ...Read more
Israelis Convicted of Distributing Sex Video on WhatsApp | Nov 30, 2015
The Magistrate court (court of lowest instance) in ...Read more
Israeli Authorities Investigate Deletion of Unfavorable Credit Report Data from CRA Database | Nov 13, 2015
The Israeli National Police and the Ministry of ...Read more
Israeli convicted and sentenced to prison for selling IDF transceivers on eBay | Nov 03, 2015
An Israeli was convicted under the Defense Exports ...Read more
Israeli Ministry of Finance Publishes a Draft Circular on Information Security Risk Management. | Oct 15, 2015
The Department of Capital Market, Insurance and Savings ...Read more
Israeli Police to Operate a Cybercrime Hotline | Oct 08, 2015
The Israeli national police announced a plan to ...Read more
Israel: Online Service for Drafting and Submitting Small Claims | Sep 02, 2015
A recently launched Israeli website operated by law ...Read more
The Israeli Ministry of Justice is (Once Again) Revisiting the Best Evidence Rule | Aug 14, 2015
The Israeli Ministry of Justice has published a ...Read more
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