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Israel: Online Service for Drafting and Submitting Small Claims | Sep 02, 2015
A recently launched Israeli website operated by law ...Read more
The Israeli Ministry of Justice is (Once Again) Revisiting the Best Evidence Rule | Aug 14, 2015
The Israeli Ministry of Justice has published a ...Read more
Tel Aviv District Court Holds: is subject to Israeli Courts | Aug 09, 2015
An international company engaged in online business must ...Read more
Database of all compulsory car insurance policies in Israel stolen from courier | Jul 31, 2015
A grave incident has led to the theft ...Read more
Israeli Supreme Court: "A smartphone is a person's private realm" | Jul 24, 2015
“A smartphone is akin to a mobile vault ...Read more
Madonna hacker sentenced to imprisonment | Jul 18, 2015
Mr. Adi Lederman, who pleaded guilty to hacking ...Read more
Israeli Court quashes an interim order to block access to Popcorn Time | Jul 10, 2015
The Tel Aviv District Court has quashed the ...Read more
Israeli District Court: Google Must Remove Defaming Search Results | Jul 05, 2015
Google must honor requests to remove search results ...Read more
Israel launches an online searchable database of designs | Jun 28, 2015
The Israeli Patent Authority at the Israeli Ministry ...Read more
New court ruling illustrates how not to sue Amazon in Israel | Apr 04, 2015
The Tel Aviv District Court has ruled in ...Read more
Israel's Attorney-General: Employees Cannot be Compelled to Use Biometric Time Clocks | Mar 27, 2015
In a brief submitted to the National Court ...Read more
Israel Supervisor of Banks Issues Cyber Defense Circular | Mar 20, 2015
The Supervisor of Banks at the Bank of ...Read more
"It's indeed immoral, but who the fuck cares" | Feb 27, 2015
The office of the State's attorney has indicted ...Read more
Broad Powers to a New Israeli National Cyber Defense Authority | Jan 09, 2015
A new executive decision that addresses the “advancement ...Read more
ILITA Issues Guidance to Political Parties on Safeguarding the Registry of Voters | Jan 02, 2015
In advance of the upcoming general elections in ...Read more
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