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Israeli court rules website banner ads aren't spam | Oct 24, 2014
Last month, the Israeli District Court for the ...Read more
Bank of Israel publishes draft guidelines on risk management in cloud computing | Sep 19, 2014
The Banking Supervision Department at the Bank of ...Read more
ACUM is entitled to license music for online, commercial use | Jul 31, 2014
Last week, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that ...Read more
A new bill seeks to enact the Right to be Forgotten in Israel | Jul 24, 2014
A new bill was proposed at the Knesset ...Read more
Knesset advances legislation for new genetic database for babies | Jul 16, 2014
Despite widespread objections, last week the Science and ...Read more
Israel Tax Authority to mine web info about taxpayers | Jul 04, 2014
The Israel Tax Authority plans to launch a ...Read more
Unconventional arrest of Israeli blogger, for alleged invasion of privacy | Jun 18, 2014
Lory Shem Tov, an Israeli blogger, was arrested ...Read more
Ministry of Communications to hold hearing for SLU Service | Jun 10, 2014
Following hearings held to expand competition in broadband ...Read more
State Comptroller of Israel calls to amend the Israeli Protection of Privacy Law | May 28, 2014
A recent report issued by the State Comptroller ...Read more
Consumers in Israel will soon be able to open bank accounts online | May 05, 2014
Last week, the Banking Supervisor at the Bank ...Read more
Left Facebook open at work? The Israeli Labor court is on your side | May 01, 2014
The Israeli Regional Labor Court in Tel Aviv ...Read more
Lawsuit against Waze for copyright misappropriation seeks class action status | Apr 02, 2014
A motion seeking class action certification was filed ...Read more
Did the Israeli Biometric Database undergo the required security test? | Apr 01, 2014
Despite the fact that nearly 200,000 Israelis have ...Read more
Diner sues IDF soldiers for defamation on Facebook | Mar 20, 2014
The owners of “HaTeymania Shel Nabi Musa” (loosely ...Read more
Facebook refuses to comply with Israeli court order | Mar 13, 2014
The District Court in Jerusalem recently issued an ...Read more
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