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Lawsuit against Waze for copyright misappropriation seeks class action status | Apr 02, 2014
A motion seeking class action certification was filed ...Read more
Did the Israeli Biometric Database undergo the required security test? | Apr 01, 2014
Despite the fact that nearly 200,000 Israelis have ...Read more
Diner sues IDF soldiers for defamation on Facebook | Mar 20, 2014
The owners of “HaTeymania Shel Nabi Musa” (loosely ...Read more
Facebook refuses to comply with Israeli court order | Mar 13, 2014
The District Court in Jerusalem recently issued an ...Read more
Billion Shekel class action suit filed against WhatsApp | Mar 05, 2014
Two months ago, a request to approve a ...Read more
New Israeli bill would require search engines to pay royalties | Feb 25, 2014
A private bill was submitted by nine members ...Read more
Israeli authorities warn of risks in using Bitcoin | Feb 21, 2014
Following the lead of European banking regulators, as ...Read more
Committee to review regulating TV content delivered over the Internet in Israel | Feb 13, 2014
The Israeli Minister of Communications, Mr. Gilad Erdan, ...Read more
Israeli Judges will be allowed to use Facebook, under conditions | Feb 03, 2014
After a year and half of deliberations, the ...Read more
Palestinian hackers suspected of cleverly attacking computers in Israel | Jan 30, 2014
For several days this month, hackers were able ...Read more
Israel: Two New Bills Proposed to Amend the Anti-Spam Act | Jan 23, 2014
Two new private (rather than government-introduced) bills were ...Read more
Israeli Internet providers commit to minimum bitrates | Jan 16, 2014
The Israeli Ministry of Communications recently amended the ...Read more
Distributing intimate photos - now a sexual harassment crime in Israel | Jan 09, 2014
According to a new law recently enacted by ...Read more
Security breaches in handling of Israeli biometric ID cards | Jan 02, 2014
The mechanism that serves to report the loss ...Read more
Israeli Ministry of Communications supports content filtering as default  | Dec 25, 2013
The Israeli Ministry of Communications plans to highlight ...Read more
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