A class action against Bezeq for broadband speed approved

The Tel-Aviv District Court has approved [Hebrew] a class action suit against Bezeq in the extent of 100 million NIS (as of 2005). The prosecution claims that Bezeq has charged full rates from its ADSL clients, despite actual technical difficulties in the connection. The action was brought forward in the name of "WOW" clients' who joined the ADSL service promised at a certain speed, in the three years preceding the action in December 2005. according to the suit, there was no technical hindrance to provide clients with the promised speed, but in fact, the connection was interrupted or a different speed was provided despite the fact that full rates were charged, as if the service was possible and as if it had been provided.

Plaintiff Yosi Nir claims that Bezeq solicited consumers to commit to a service pack, while it was technically incapable to provide the service in certain areas at the promised speed.
Judge Drora Pilpel, determined, inter alia, that she had allowed the class action since the issue at stake is in essence a technical issue, which details might be too complex for the average person, who would therefore would not bother to go to court with this matter. Therefore, in these circumstances, a class action suit is the most efficient and suitable means to determine this dispute.